Bluesound Professional BSP500 & BSP1000

The BSP500 & BSP1000 are 2 new active loudspeakers from Bluesound Professional with integrated streaming capability designed specifically for use in either indoor or outdoor commercial installations. This unit is powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE+ or PoE++) allowing a one-wire connection to the speaker for both power and audio. The loudspeaker features a 5.25”…

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University St.-Louis Brussels

University St Louis Brussels. K-array KK102/KK52 & KMT18P, powered by KA24’s, DSP by Symetrix Prism12x12 & MIPRO ACT747 wireless microphones. Simple, Efficient and Unique! Thank you INLOC for this nice install!  

K-array unveils Event line

Providing a niche audio solution for the event productions market, the K-array Event line offers complete audio kits for this visually-driven segment. The Event-KREV102 is composed of a Kobra-KK102 loudspeaker featuring Pure Array Technology to provide uniform coverage and a Thunder-KMT12 subwoofer to deliver a big sound in the low range. The pole that connects…

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