Chevin Research

Designed specifically for the professional user, Chevin Research amplifiers offer outstanding sonic performance, build quality and reliability in a compact and lightweight package, providing audio professionals with a comprehensive range of high performance amplifier products for a variety of audio applications for PA applications in the touring and fixed installation market. Chevin amplifiers enjoy an unequalled reputation for sonic performance, reliability and longevity. The sonic performance is of such a high standard that the amplifiers are as successful in studio monitoring applications as in fixed installation and on the road. Reliability is among the best in the industry, with a failure rate below 2%. The standard lifetime of a Chevin amplifier is over 10 years. Add to this power-to-weight ratios that are among the best in the business: power ratings from 600 to 3000 wpc stereo, mono & quad are housed in a 2U 12 kg chassis.

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