Audica Professional introduces the MULTIzone control mixer consisting of 4 zones with 6 music inputs plus a microphone input for paging applications. Each of the 4 outputs can be independently configured to provide music from any one of the inputs plus the paging microphone and the relative levels are set by front panel controls. The music is automatically reduced in level (ducking) to allow for announcements to be heard clearly.

Zone outputs can have flat response or Audica loudspeaker EQ, as required. A mute control input is provided to be linked to fire control systems. This mutes all music inputs whilst keeping the paging microphone active for safety announcements. Remote zone control is possible via wired control panels or an RS232 interface. Up to 7 MULTIzone units can be linked (daisy-chained) for systems of up to 28 zones.

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