CRICKET PE30: A 100% Electric Vehicle that Provides Music in the City

K-ARRAY, together with Simai SpA, Milan-based, 100% Made in Italy company specialized in the manufacture and sale of electric tractors and flatbed transporters and one of the leading companies in the sector, have teamed up during the emergency linked to the Covid-19 pandemic for a shared project.

From the partnership between these two companies of rare excellence, CRICKET PE30 was born: the first fully electric vehicle with a professional audio speaker setup for any occasion. The official launch is scheduled for the month of July, but in the meantime the two companies have anticipated renderings of the project to the press.

An innovative solution able to offer an effective means for entities operating in the world of live music events who are required to reinvent themselves in terms of services and products during these difficult and unprecedented times.

Simai offers 3 pre-configured audio setups employing K-ARRAY | Unique Audio Solutions with focus on: classical music, pop/rock music and clubbing music. K-array brand products are distinguished by:

• High efficiency, to minimize the amount of electricity needed to drive the loudspeakers
• Maximum control of the acoustic directivity thanks to cutting-edge technology, such as Pure Array Technology and Electronic Beam Steering which can direct the sound beam towards the audience minimizing the amount of energy dispersed towards undesired areas
• Resistance to outdoor elements, such as rain and snow
• High quality listening, even at low sound pressure levels