ENTASYS Provides Acoustic and Aesthetic Solutions for Saint Leonardus (BE)

A new Community ENTASYS sound system has been completed for Saint Leonardus Church, located in Aartselaar on the southern outskirts of Antwerp, Belgium. With its oldest parts dating back to 1792, and additions in 1861, Saint Leonardus Church is a traditional building with a beautiful interior, but its dimensions and highly reflective surfaces presented difficult acoustic problems.

A sound system solution was needed that would provide the wide coverage required for the congregation with the very narrow vertical dispersion needed to avoid reflections. Calculations showed that the entire area could be covered by just two Community ENTASYS FR full-range, column-line-array loudspeaker systems positioned on each side of the altar, augmented by two compact ENTASYS 206 loudspeakers located at the sides.

The client and church visitors are very pleased with the excellent audio quality, wide coverage and even sound levels the system provides. It achieves very high intelligibility right to the back of the church, without additional delay lines.